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Ossama Bawardi is an independent producer working in Palestine and Jordan. Bawardi has been involved in various productions including Salt of this Sea, Paradise Now, and Waiting for Salah Al Din before focusing his work more on producing. He produced the feature film When I Saw You that won Best Asian Film at the Berlin International Film Festival in addition to nine other awards. The film’s production was noted for being entirely Arab financed. He produced Horizon, In Overtime, and co-produced Mai Masri's 3,000 Nights. He also directed and produced the short film Haneen (2010). He is the line producer of (No) Laughing Matter as well as numerous other films both fiction and documentary. Most recently he line produced Amin Matalqa's The Rendezvous starring Stana Ktatic as well as Barbara Eder's Thank you for Bombing. Bawardi is a member of the EAVE producer’s network and the Asia Pacific Screen Academy.

  • Producer - feature film Wajib by Annemarie Jacir - in development
  • Producer - feature film A Dog's Tail by Rami Yasin - in development
  • Line Producer – feature The Rendezvous by Amin Matalqa – 2016
  • Line Producer/Co Producer - feature 3000 Nights by Mai Masri - 2015
  • Line Producer - feature film Thank You For Bombing by Barbara Eder - 2015
  • Producer - short film In Overtime by Rami Yasin - 2014
  • Associate Producer - documentary A Stone's Throw From Prison by Raquel Castelas- 2013
  • Producer - short film Horizon by Zain Duraie - 2013
  • Producer - feature film When I Saw You by Annemarie Jacir - 2012
  • Producer - BBC Episode - Anothonie Salameh, stand up comedy - 2011
  • Producer - BBC Episode - Maysoon Zayid, stand up comedy - 2011
  • Producer - short film Haneen by Ossama Bawardi - 2011
  • Line Producer - documentary film (No)Laughing Matter by Vanessa Rousselot - 2011
  • Production Manager - feature film Salt Of This Sea by Annemarie Jacir - 2008
  • Production Manager - feature film Jamra by Ali Nassar - 2006 



Zain Duraie has worked on several local and international productions in many different positions. She graduated from the Toronto Film School in 2009 where she wrote and directed two short films as a part of her graduation project.

In 2010, Duraie began work as a trainee at Philistine Films with director Annemarie Jacir and producer Ossama Bawardi. Projects include When I Saw You where she worked from pre-production to post-production as well as several other productions including The Rendezvous and Thank You for Bombing.

Philistine Films also produced Horizon, Duraie's debut film as an up and coming writer/director in her own right.



Palestinian filmmaker Annemarie Jacir has written, directed and produced over sixteen films. One of Filmmaker's 25 New Faces of Independent Cinema and Variety's "Arab New Wave", two of her films have premiered as Official Selections in Cannes, one in Venice and one in Berlin. Her short film like twenty impossibles (2003) was the first Arab short film in history to be an official selection of the Cannes Film Festival and continued to break ground when it went on to be a finalist for the Academy Awards.

Her second work to debut in Cannes, the critically acclaimed Salt of this Sea (2008), went on to win the FIPRESCI Critics Award, and garnered fourteen other international awards including Best Film in Milan. It was the first feature film directed by a Palestinian woman and Palestine's 2008 Oscar Entry for Foreign Language Film.

Her latest film When I Saw You won Best Asian Film at the Berlin Intl. Festival, Best Arab Film in Abu Dhabi and Best Film in Amiens, Phoenix, and Olympia, and garnered a nomination at the Asian Pacific Screen Awards. It was also Palestine’s 2012 Oscar Entry. Notably, the film's production was entirely Arab-financed with all Palestinian producers marking a new trend in Arab cinema.  Founder of Philistine Films, Annemarie teaches screenwriting and works as an editor and film curator, actively promoting independent cinema, training and working with fellow filmmakers.